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10-OH-HHC joint Cherry Lady 10%

New hemp joints made from Cherry Lady strain hemp flowers with 10% 10-OH-HHC content and 10% H4CBD. This strain is famous for its sweet and strong cherry aroma, evoking the taste of fresh cherries.
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Cannabis joint Cherry Lady 10-OH-HHC 10% 

Introducing the ideal replacement for HHC-P hemp flowers – new hemp joints from the Cherry Lady strain with 10% 10-OH-HHC content. This strain is known for its strong and sweet cherry aroma, reminiscent of fresh cherries.

Cherry Lady joints are made from carefully selected Cherry Lady hemp flowers, containing 10-OH-HHC (10-hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol) and only minimal amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), ensuring they are fully compliant with legislation and available for free sale. The name Cherry Lady comes from its characteristic scent reminiscent of fresh cherries, which might evoke a bit of nostalgia, thanks to the great song "Cheri Cheri Lady."

Properties of Cherry Lady Joints Appearance:

The joints are carefully rolled from dense, resin-rich flowers with striking orange hairs and trichomes that appear dusted with fine crystals.

Aroma: Strong cherry scent with dominant notes of cherries and other sweet fruits, providing a refreshing and energizing experience when used.

Effects: Thanks to the high content of 10-OH-HHC, they provide deep relaxation and calm. They are ideal for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, or pain without negatively affecting their psyche. Additionally, they may enhance creativity and focus.

10-OH-HHC Content: Cherry Lady joints are distinguished by their high 10-OH-HHC content, which ranges around 10% depending on the cultivation and processing methods. Additionally, they contain 10% H4CBD, which helps to perfectly balance this flower. The combination of unique properties makes Cherry Lady joints not only a great source of natural relief but also a refreshing experience for the senses.

Difference between HHC and 10-OH-HHC

The chemical structure of HHC is very similar to 10-OH-HHC, but they are not identical. Their effects are very similar, and many users report that 10-OH-HHC is an excellent alternative to HHC. Hexahydrocannabinol is known for its psychoactive effects, inducing feelings of euphoria and contentment. 10-OH-HHC has a similar chemical structure and effects, but more research is needed to accurately determine its potential and safety.

Try our new Cherry Lady hemp joints and discover the unique benefits that 10-OH-HHC brings.





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