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HHC Pen Bubble Gum 95% 1 ml

Bubble Gum flavor HHC vape pen with 95% HHC charge. A very popular taste and aroma, full of juicy fruit tones. Suitable for appetite stimulation, relaxation and great social activity.

Contains no THC!

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bubble gum
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HHC Vaporizer: Bubble Gum vaporizer pen with 95% HHC - designed to induce pleasant feelings and mental alertness with a physical relaxation sensation. A high-quality vape pen that was created for everyday comfort and relaxation. The taste and aroma is full of juicy fruit, reminiscent of popular sweet chewing gum. It stimulates the appetite, induces relaxation and great social activity. Hexahydrocannabinol is also a perfect helper for stomach upsets.

The liquid inside the refill contains the cannabinoid HHC. Some users liken it to THC. Compared to THC, HHC is 100% legal and you can enjoy it in peace. Either for its beneficial or euphoric properties.

The extract we use in production is obtained naturally. We will never offer you synthetic and chemical preparations that could endanger your health. Thanks to the professional approach of our experts, we can offer you a great HHC extract.

  • Effect of terpenes: bodily relaxation feeling, psychologically very pleasant
  • Ideal for: relaxing after a day's work or stress, falling asleep, stimulating the appetite
  • Taste and aroma: full of juicy fruit reminiscent of the popular sweet gum
  • Filling: 95% HHC. Terpenes are added at a concentration of 5%, which are registered with the FDA and are of purely organic origin.
  • Package contents: HHC liquid in cartridge: 1 ml, battery: 230 mAH - 2.6/3.3/4.0, atomizer cartridge: glass, ceramic, stainless steel, PTFE seal (without glue), maximum content 1 ml, USB charger

The HHC cartridge does not contain any dilution solutions such as PG/VG, MCT, etc.

Instructions for use: Before each use, the cartridge with HHC filling must be preheated for 2-3 seconds. Press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds before starting to vape. This will prevent the atomizer from being swallowed by the cartridge. If the atomizer is swallowed, the cartridge will be irreversibly disabled within a few attempts of vaping. The filling has a huge viscosity and needs a short pre-heating to function properly.

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