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MoonRock HHC-P

MoonRocky presents unique products made from flowers of the Northern Light variety, which are carefully hand-treated and then coated with a high-quality extract.

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Category: HHC-P
HHC P moonrock

MoonRocky HHC-P Magic

MoonRocky are exclusive products created from flowers of the Northern Light variety, carefully prepared and coated with a high-quality extract. These products offer a unique combination of effects that can provide users with relaxation and relief from various ailments.


  • MoonRocky comes from Northern Light flowers.
  • Composition: 50% H4CBD + 6% HHC-P.

What is MoonRock HHC-P?

MoonRock HHC-P is an exclusive blend of two premium components, representing the pinnacle of luxury and pleasure.

What is the experience when using it?

Let yourself be carried away by the intense, pure and unique experience of MoonRock HHC-P, whether you use it via vaporization, bong or as an exceptional addition to a joint. Its strength and unique character will ensure you an unforgettable cannabis experience.

Who is this product ideal for?

MoonRock HHC-P is recommended for experienced users of cannabis products who are looking for the ultimate experience. For novices, its effect can be intense, but for connoisseurs it represents a gem among cannabis products. We have several similar products in our offer. We recommend you to take a look at other HHC-P flowers.

Guarantee of quality and legality

We guarantee you not only an unforgettable experience, but also a product manufactured according to the highest quality standards. MoonRock HHC-P complies with Czech laws and offers not only a first-class experience, but also safety.

History of MoonRocks

The origin of this exclusive blend is somewhat mysterious, but it is believed that the first MoonRocky was created at the California marijuana dispensary Starbudz760 in collaboration with the American rapper Kurupt. Since then, MoonRockys have become a phenomenon and are available under various names such as Dr. Moon Rocks. Zodiac or SunRocks. 

Why try MoonRock HHC-P?

  • Strong and rich flavors for maximum pleasure.
  • A unique experience.
  • Versatile use from bongs to vaporizers.
  • Each batch is carefully crafted for consistency and perfection.
  • Manufactured by renowned brands with an emphasis on quality and safety.
  • Let yourself be carried away by the power and quality of MoonRock HHC-P and discover a new dimension of the cannabis experience.

Intended uses and uses of HHCP may vary depending on local regulations and manufacturers' recommendations. It is important to familiarize yourself with the applicable laws and regulations in your area before any use of HHCP.

HHCP flowers can be used in a variety of ways, such as extraction for the production of cannabis products, use in herbal blends or as a raw material for research purposes. Sale 18+.

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