How to enjoy summer fun? 3 Kratomit tips

Summer is coming, so why not prepare something special for a summer party and surprise your friends? There are many ways to entertain yourself and your loved ones, but why not invent something new? We will be happy to help you with this and give you some tips for great summer fun while sitting, grilling or at a garden party. Here we go!


1. Bombs for whipped cream - 640G

If you are planning a summer party, whipped cream bombs are a great accessory that will definitely attract attention. Unlike many other e-shops, we offer bombs that are made in Europe, which ensures top quality and safe use. We bring you a total of 640 grams of European produced nitrous oxide. With this filling, you can create a perfect experience with friends that will entertain you for the whole evening at a party or other celebration on beautiful summer days. Imagine the magic your whipped cream bombs will add to any garden party. Surprise your friends with this news!


2. Bombs for whipped cream - 2000G

For those who want to take their summer party to the next level, we offer 2000G Whipped Cream Bombs. Compared to many competitors, our gas is completely European, which guarantees optimal quality and safe use, just as we already mentioned above with the 640G cartridges. With more gas, you can prepare even more whipped cream creations and amaze your friends with original entertainment. The 640G will keep you entertained for more people, so you don't have to worry about missing someone! There is so much. Whether you're planning a big garden party or a family get-together, this product will provide you with enough material for endless fun. Your creativity will have no limits and every guest will find something that will surely please them.

3. HHC-P disPOD Calypso Kiwi

If you are looking for something truly original that will bring you well-being and relaxation, try the HHC-P disPOD Calypso Kiwi. This product is suitable for those looking for effective and natural support for their health and well-being. This product comes in a handy disPOD, allowing for ease of use and portability. Calypso Kiwi gives the product a refreshing fruity kiwi scent that is pleasant and fresh at the same time. Ideal for quiet moments of relaxation during a summer evening with friends or during the day while relaxing on a deckchair in the garden with friends. This disPOD will allow you to enjoy summer evenings in peace and comfort, anytime and anywhere. Just one breath is enough and you will feel fresh.

Tips for perfect summer fun

  • Plan the program: Prepare a list of games and activities that you will run throughout the evening or during the party. It can be anything from outdoor games to social activities.
  • Decoration and atmosphere: Pay attention to the decoration. Lights, lanterns, and colorful tablecloths will give your celebration the right summer vibe.
  • Music: Create a playlist full of fresh summer hits that everyone knows, which will set the right mood and encourage guests to dance and have fun.
  • Refreshments: In addition to whipped cream bombs, don't forget light and refreshing drinks, salads and grilled specialties.

Summer party with Kratomit

With these three tips from Kratomit, you'll be sure to have your summer party remembered long after! Whether it's preparing a celebration, a party or just relaxing in a pleasant company, these products are guaranteed to make every moment pleasant. Enjoy your summer to the fullest and have fun with Kratomit!