About Us

We are a family e-shop focusing on natural products from all over the world, from Asia, Africa to America and Europe.

Our story started in 2016 as a passion and small project of Adam Hlawiczka / Dr. Green and over time it has grown into a thriving e-shop, whose current presence is in 4 European countries.

As a family business and passionate supporters of kratom, in 2017 we started only with the sale of kratom and over time, opportunities and times we expanded our range with other natural products from different parts of the world and expanded to Slovakia, Hungary and Germany.

We now offer CBD and CBG products, spices and are constantly improving our services and products to make them even better and delivery and payment faster and safer.

Our research team is working every day to expand new interesting products that we do not yet have in the Czech Republic, but in America or Asia they are already a matter of course.

Kratomit group now operates mainly in the central Europe.






All our business activities are carried out in accordance with applicable legislation, technical, food and collector regulations. To ensure quality services, we use the most modern mechanization and equipment of the present. In addition, compared to Czech competitors, we offer 6 carefully selected and high-quality types of kratom, which we regularly replenish every month to ensure the maximum possible quality to which you are accustomed, at great prices and many other benefits, including online customer support, which is available almost 24/7.


Kratomit, based in Ostrava.
The company's field of activity is mediation of trade and services, wholesale
and retail. Over time, the company plans to create an s.r.o., but now its activities are operated
on the basis of a trade license. The company is already a VAT payer and is registered in
the ARES database, which is an administrative register of economic entities and serves as
an information system. The company can be found there when entering the registration number, which is 05452023. The Kratomit
online store  is a family business in which I participate and have been operating since
2018, the distribution of goods was based on personal contact and the associated handover,
without a brick-and-mortar store. On 17.7.2020, the company entered the world of e-commerce
and an internet e-shop Kratomit.cz was created. Half a year later, the company expanded
and began operating in Slovakia, Germany and Hungary. The company operates in Ostrava and
distributes its products by purchasing them online and sending them to a
designated location. The e-shop is created on the Shoptet platform, which provides the owner with the user interface of the e-shop,

in which he can manage the e-shop, but at the same time he can use services related to the maintenance and administration of the e-shop. In the case of the Slovak market, the domain kratomit.sk is chosen  , and in the case
of the German and Hungarian markets, the domain kratomit.eu is chosen, where the e-shop works on the basis
of bilingual switching.
The online store offers many products such as.  kratom, CBD, kannu, matcha,nutritional
supplements and in general products related to strengthening the human body, immunity
and healthy lifestyle. The company's interest is to constantly expand the range of products
and respond to the requirements of customers and the industry.
The company logo below contains green petals. These are supposed to symbolize
nature and products that are not chemically modified and are on a natural basis. The
green color should evoke a pleasant experience and a feeling of relaxation.

Kratomit.cz logo

Source: internet e-shop Kratomit.cz

The company operates mainly on the B2C market, but also operates on the B2B market. In the form
of a B2B market, customers are tea rooms, herbalists, other online stores and brick-and-mortar
stores focused on nutrition and exercise supplements.