About us

We're a family company offering the finest natural products from around the world, mainly from Asia. Our journey began in 2016, when our founder, Adam Hlawiczka, also known as Dr. Green, started this venture as a small passion project.

As passionate advocates of the benefits of kratom, we started out by exclusively offering this wonder plant in 2017. But as opportunities arose, we expanded our range to include other natural products from around the world, and our presence grew to Hungary, Germany, Austria, Sweden and other european countries.

We began by exclusively offering kratom, but have since expanded to include other natural products. Our range now includes kratom, HHC, CBD and CBG products, as well as an array of spices. We're committed to improving our services and products, with faster and safer delivery and payment options. Join the Kratomit family and explore the world through our natural products! 

Quality, compliance, and customer support

All our business activities are carried out in accordance with applicable legislation, and technical, food, and collector regulations. To ensure quality services, we use the most modern mechanization and equipment of the present.

In addition, compared to Czech competitors, we offer 6 carefully selected and high-quality types of kratom, which we regularly replenish every month to ensure the maximum possible quality to which you are accustomed, at great prices and many other benefits, including online customer support, which is available almost 24/7. 

Connecting with both B2C and B2B markets

Kratomit is not just your ordinary online store; it's a place where both individuals and businesses can find quality products to fit their needs. Whether you're looking for personal use or you own a tea room, herbalist shop, or any other online or brick-and-mortar store focused on nutrition and exercise supplements, we've got you covered. Join us and experience the satisfaction of connecting with both B2C and B2B markets through Kratomit.

Expanding online presence: Kratomit's multiple domains

Kratomit operates on two more domains:

kratomit eu_2