HHC-P joints

Joints, or quills, are just old school and everyone loves them. That's why we have prepared HHC-P joints for you. These new products offer you what you're used to but with a little something extra. HHC-P is a newcomer to cannabinoids, but don't worry, you're in good hands with us. These joints are made with integrity to make every drag an experience and to make you enjoy the expected effect. It's just old school in a new coat that'll kick your ass. So go ahead, try one of our HHC-P joints, like the magical HHC-P joint Dumbledore, and judge for yourself.



HHCP joint dumbledore 1
from 9 €


HHCP joint dumbledore 1
from 9 €

Immerse yourself in a magical moment with the Dumbledore HHC-P Joint, which combines the premium flower of Glass Hauz with the potency of HHC-P. Every drag from this masterfully...

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