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On the Kratomit.eu, we have a lot of quality CBD and CBG products, so let's now take a look at the first-class CBD and CBG products we offer. We are always looking for ways and options to improve and innovate our products so that you can buy first-class hemp products of the highest quality available in our e-shop. Also in this category, you will find the HHC! Have you already tried this miraculous hit? You can buy HHC from us in the form of an HHC vape pen in several flavors. Let`s enjoy all of the tasty flavors of our vape pens! 




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A great energy booster delivered by an HHC shot! HHC shot with strawberry flavor and 30 mg of HHC, kicks you off before a demanding day.

cbd - terra italia, quality 100%
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from 6,12 €

"Terra Italia" CBD hemp plants of the highest quality, minimal CBD content (12.5% or more) and residual THC.

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We present to you a freshly pre-rolled CBD joint, with a CBD content of 15%. The joint weighs 2g and reaches 11.5cm in diameter. Just smelling it will make you feel like you...

cbg force květy
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from 7,76 €

CBG force will enchant you with its high level of CBG (cannabigerol) and pleasant aroma.

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A unique aroma in combination with a premium Monkey HHC joint. Joint Gandalf contains 20% HHC. You must have already heard about the HHC news that shook the market. We have...

HHC flower
from 11,04 €

Hemp flower grown in greenhouses with HHC content. The Monkey variety was bred from the best genetics from the USA with a touch of European lightness with hexahydrocannabinol....

cbd izolát
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CBD 99% Isolate (or crystal) made of copper is CBD in powder form. Enter the CBD. If you work with a new CBD, then the CBD powder insulation is ideal for you.

CBD capsules 10%, full spectrum in MCT coconut oil
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from 19,89 €

10% CBD Capsules Full Spectrum in Coconut Oil (MCT).

Cannabigerol izolátum - 99% CBG, por
from 24,06 €

99% Cannabigerol isolate, CBG powder.If you work with a new CBG, then the CBG powder insulation is ideal for you.

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Bubble Gum replacement HHC cartridge for vape pen with 95% HHC and hemp terpene. A very popular taste and aroma, full of juicy fruit notes. Suitable for appetite stimulation,...

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Náhradní HHC cartridge příchutě Super Lemon Haze do vapovacího pera s 95 % HHC a konopným terpenem. Extra silné aroma citrusových plodů, které se vám vrejí...

36,94 € –23 %
28,28 €

Zkittlez replacement HHC cartridge for vape pen with 95% HHC and hemp terpene. The well-known taste of candies bursting with the aroma of tropical fruits and exotic fruits. It...

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