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On the Kratomit.eu website, we have a number of quality CBD and CBG products, so let's now take a look at the first-class CBD and CBG products we offer. We are always looking for ways and options to improve and innovate our products so that you can buy first-class hemp products of the highest quality available in our e-shop.

cbd - terra italia, quality 100%
from 8,04 € up to –30 %
from 6,02 €

"Terra Italia" CBD hemp plants of the highest quality, minimal CBD content (12.5% or more) and residual THC.

cbg force květy
from 10,06 € up to –24 %
from 7,64 €

CBG force will enchant you with its high level of CBG (cannabigerol) and pleasant aroma.

hhc květ
from 8,40 €

Hemp flower grown in greenhouses containing HHC. The Monkey variety was bred from the best geneticists in the USA with a breath of European lightness with hexahydrocannabinol.

cbd izolát
from 26,23 € up to –67 %
from 12,12 €

CBD 99% Isolate (or crystal) made of copper is CBD in powder form. Enter the CBD. If you work with a new CBD, then the CBD powder insulation is ideal for you.

CBD capsules 10%, full spectrum in MCT coconut oil
New Tip
from 19,89 €

10% CBD Capsules Full Spectrum in Coconut Oil (MCT).

cartrige bubble gum
27,83 € –28 %
20,12 €

Replacement HHC cartridge of Bubble Gum flavor for drip pen with 95% HHC and hemp terpene. Very popular taste and aroma, full of juicy fruit tones. Suitable for stimulating...

zkitltlez hhc
27,83 € –28 %
20,12 €

Replacement ZHittlez HHC cartridge for a drip pen with 95% HHC and hemp terpene. The well-known taste of candies, which are full of aromas of tropical fruits and exotic fruits....

Cannabigerol izolátum - 99% CBG, por
from 24,64 €

99% Cannabigerol isolate, CBG powder.If you work with a new CBG, then the CBG powder insulation is ideal for you.

CBG 5% MCT, Coconut oil
46,99 € –26 %
34,99 €

Dutch origin coconut MCT oil with 5% CBG (cannabigerol) in a 10 ml dropper bottle.

jelly jahoda
40,40 € –11 %
35,91 €

Sweet jelly candies with 25 mg HHC - hexahydrocannabinol and strawberry flavor. Great aroma and delicious taste of fresh strawberries from the garden. The package contains 10...

banana runtz
35,91 €

HHC drip pen with Banana Runtz flavor and 95% HHC. The taste is reminiscent of a perfectly ripe banana and sweet fruit, with subtle earthy undertones of herbs. It brings...

vaporizer gelato
35,91 €

HHC Gelato flavoring pen with a charge of 95% HHC. You will be enchanted by the fresh creamy scent complemented by delicate touches of fresh citrus and citrus peel. It is great...

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