THC-B vape

With our wide range of THC-B vape kits, you can expect not only excellent aroma, but also precise dosing and ease of use. Regardless of your preferences or level of experience, our vape is designed to meet your expectations and bring maximum pleasure of use!



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The Chocolate Waffle flavored vaporizer is like a fascinating journey into the world of the senses, where sweet notes of chocolate and subtle buttery nuances combine with our...

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Immerse yourself in an intense experience with our Mocca Coffee scented vaporizer. The harmony of rich notes of coffee and chocolate, together with our quality THC-B extract in...

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Bubble gum essence vaporizer delivers an intense sensory experience combining the sweet aroma of chewing gum with 1 ml of our high-quality THC-B extract. The unique aroma of...

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