This stunning cannabinoid has the potential to revolutionize the world of cannabis products, as its effects are up to 33 times more intense than those of traditional THC. This cannabinoid can safely be called the king of cannabis products. With this exceptional product, you can not only indulge in deep relaxation but perhaps also experience significant potential therapeutic benefits that can positively impact your daily life. Come and explore our wide range and discover this fascinating new product!


Metro Bloom 10% THCP
from 14 €


Metro Bloom 10% THCP
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from 14 €

The THC-P freeze-dried cannabis flower in our exceptional THC-P flower collection contains 10% THC-P, a cannabinoid with similar properties to THC. This flower has been created...

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38,80 €

Argan oil with 5% THC-P contains the power of this cannabinoid combined with the beneficial effects of luxurious argan oil, creating a harmonious unity. This product is the...

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Argan oil THC-P with 10% creates a harmonious symbiosis between the impressive effects of the cannabinoid THC-P and the beneficial characteristics of premium argan oil. This...

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THC-P: The cannabis revolution

If you don't have that much experience in the cannabis world yet, never mind! Our cutting-edge THC-P products will introduce you to a whole new perspective on this amazing plant. Each product in our extensive range is carefully selected with quality, innovation, and your convenience in mind. Open your cannabis heart and let this remarkable journey take you.

We offer products such as THC-P hemp flower and THC-P argan oil, which are available in two exciting varieties. Come discover the new world of cannabis with us!

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