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Green Kratom Maeng-da Powder

Kratom is made with only the finest quality sourced from far away Indonesia to ensure your satisfaction. Relaxation, comfort, and strengthening your aura, that's kratom Green Maeng-da.

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19,23 € 38,47 € 80,95 € 101,19 € 161,94 € 283,42 € 404,90 € from 3,60 € - –37 % –48 % –50 % –41 % –38 % –33 % –30 % up to –50 %

Exploring the Enigmatic Powers of Kratom


Kratom is a natural collectible extracted from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa, an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. It is available in various forms such as kratom powder and capsules. Kratom has been traditionally used for decades and has recently gained popularity worldwide. Due to its numerous benefits, kratom is fast becoming one of nature's most popular gifts. 

Green kratom has had a long history in Southeast Asia for centuries. Green maeng-da kratom is usually green in color, but it can also be green-brown or green-gray. The color of kratom powder depends on the specific strain of kratom that was used to make it.

We strive to bring you only the best, which is why we regularly travel to the heart of Asia to meticulously inspect, gather, and oversee every shipment of kratom that is destined for the Europe.

Securing Quality and Strength

Our passion for excellent quality and strict hygiene standards sets us apart from the rest. Each kratom plant is carefully selected and nurtured with love and care to provide you with the best possible experience. Our journeys to Asia allow us to establish direct contact with farmers and gain access to the freshest and most potent kratom plants on the market.

We believe that our work is a guarantee of selling only authentic and safe kratom. Thorough testing and rigorous quality control processes ensure that every shipment of kratom we offer is pure, potent, and free from unwanted contaminants.

Join us on this journey of quality and discover the remarkable world of kratom. The sale of kratom is a passionate mission for us, and we are here to provide you with the best possible selection. Our extensive experience and meticulous checks guarantee that every purchase on our e-shop is a guarantee of satisfaction.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction


Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of kratom and experience its wonders through our highest quality products. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we welcome you as part of our growing community of kratom enthusiasts.

Your health and well-being are our top priority.

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Kratom is not legally approved as a food or dietary supplement. Kratom is sold for study and collection purposes only. We are not liable for damage caused by improper use. 


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