As a leading supplier of kratom, kanna, and other herbal products, has also taken care of useful accessories. Here you will find scales, smart thermoses, self-mixing cups, gelatin capsules, and other accessories. Self-mixing mugs or smart thermoses, which we have in several colors, are great for kratom. Do you need to weigh a can or saffron? Try our pocket scale. Here you will find everything you need for your daily routine!


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from 3,71 €

Capsule size: "0" => 21.5 x 7.5 mm

váha obrázek
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8,30 €

Digital pocket scale for weighing spices, herbs, etc.You will appreciate it especially when shopping in supermarkets.Get this great helper and don't just have it with you when...

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8,89 €

A car fragrance that smells pleasant, long-lasting, and dances in the sun.

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9,55 €

A cup that stirs itself at the touch of a button. There is nothing easier. If you know someone who feels good, this mug is ideal for them.

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10,87 €

Smart  Thermos Kratomit specially designed for coffee and tea lovers.

digitální váha
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12,47 €

Digital scale for weighing items up to 1000g / 0.1g.

Snímek obrazovky 2022 12 04 v 23.54.07
14,89 €

Three-stage knife sharpener, which, thanks to its 3 slots, ensures perfect grinding and sharpening of all your knives.

self-mixing bottle
19,89 €

Electric self-mixing bottle for mixing practical protein, coffee and all mixed drinks. This bottle is a great companion both at home and on the go.

gravity bong
625,39 € –34 %
412,67 €

A timeless gravity bong that allows for a more intense experience thanks to the basic air flow technology.

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Kratomit accessories

As a leading supplier of quality herbal products such as kratom and Anna, is also dedicated to providing useful accessories that allow you to take full advantage of the potential of these products.

In our wide range of products you will also find:

  • Scales that allow you to accurately measure the amount of kratom or kanna you want to use.
  • We also have smart thermoses that allow you to keep your drinks at the optimum temperature throughout the day.
  • Self-mixing mugs that are perfect for travel.
  • Gelatin capsules that allow you to use your kratom or can easily and conveniently.

Smart accessories 

Don't worry if you need extra help choosing the right product or accessory. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with any question or problem.

You'll also find a wide range of herbal products such as kratom, kanna, ashwagandha, and more in our online store, and all products are guaranteed to be from high-quality and carefully selected sources.