Our new exclusive collection containing 10-OH-HHC is an innovation that combines the natural benefits of cannabis into a new product. 10-OH-HHC or 10-Hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol is a new cannabinoid that is as yet unrecognised, but we already know it will be one of the most exciting ones due to the combination of a blend of the traditional cannabinoid action, but with increased stability and interaction with the endocannabinoid system.





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Konopný joint se stínem
New Tip
10 €

New hemp joints made from Cherry Lady strain hemp flowers with 10% 10-OH-HHC content and 10% H4CBD. This strain is famous for its sweet and strong cherry aroma, evoking the...

Konopný joint se stínem
10 €

Introducing the perfect alternative to HHC-P cannabis flowers – the new Mandarine strain cannabis joints with 10% 10-OH-HHC content. This strain is renowned for its aggressive...

10 OH HHC květy cherry 10%
from 11,97 €

Looking for an alternative to HHC-P flowers? We bring you a novelty - cannabis flowers of the Cherry Lady variety with 10% 10-OH-HHC content. This variety is popular for its...

10 OH HHC květy Mandarine 10%
from 11,97 €

We present the perfect alternative to HHC-P cannabis flowers: the new Mandarine cannabis flowers with 10% 10-OH-HHC content. This strain is known for its exceptional and...

Moonrock (1)
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from 20,80 €

Legendary MoonRock 10-OH-HHC is now even better. We are proud to introduce one of the most exclusive and sought-after products in the cannabis market - our MoonRock.  

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from 21,90 €

Looking for an authentic cannabis experience enriched with modern innovations? Our 10-OH-HHC Hash Afghan style is the perfect choice for you. This pressed cannabis gem combines...

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Why choose 10-OH-HHC?

The cannabinoid 10-OH-HHC has a unique chemical structure and pronounced effects. All collectors of this type of cannabis report a calm and pleasant mood with mental clarity and euphoria, without the heavy high that comes naturally from classic THC.

Explore the new frontier of the cannabis world and venture out with our flowers, joints and cartridges to satisfy your needs to the fullest. Embrace the future and the summer cannabis trend today!

Hemp flowers

Experience the pure essence of cannabis with our premium 10-OH-HHC flowers. Grown with care, these flowers are rich in 10-OH-HHC and provide a balanced and potent experience. Ideal for those who prefer the traditional way of enjoying cannabis. Our flowers give a pleasant sensation, full of the therapeutic benefits of this new cannabinoid.


For convenience and quality in every draw, try our pre-packaged 10-OH-HHC joints. These ready-to-use joints are made with our finest Mandarine and Cherry Lady flowers, ensuring a consistent and satisfying experience. This product is ideal for use on the go and offer a quick and easy way to enjoy the calming and euphoric effects of 10-OH-HHC.


Our 10-OH-HHC cartridges bring advanced vaping technology together with the powerful effects of this innovative cannabinoid. Designed for ease of use and maximum potency, these cartridges deliver a potent and flavorful vapor, bringing the benefits of 10-OH-HHC directly into your life. Whether you're looking for relaxation, pain relief or mood enhancement, our cartridges offer a versatile and discreet option.