Red kratom

Here you will find a large selection of Maeng-da red kratom product, the best type or variety. For example, we offer the popular red kratom powder or compressed red kratom into cute tablets. Try one of these cool products, which are especially popular with people looking for a relaxing break as opposed to other varieties, which are preferred by collectors looking for a boost.


kratom tablets
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Kratom is made with only the finest quality sourced from far away Indonesia to ensure your satisfaction. Relaxation, comfort, and strengthening your aura, that's kratom Red...

kratom tablets
from 10,12 € up to –57 %
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Unique, compact, and above all lightweight kratom tablets in the form of your favorite kratom species Red Maeng-da kratom. Each tablet is approx. 1.15 g and you can take them...

kapsle s kratomem
from 20,21 € up to –22 %
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Red Kratom Red Maeng-da was already known to the ancient Indonesians. This kratom helped them to relieve physical pain and improve their psyche. 

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Types of red vein kratom

Step into a world of vibrant red vein kratom strains, each with its unique character and story to tell. Our collection includes the iconic Maeng-da, a Borneo-born treasure. Other subclasses such as lesser-known Malay, Bali, and Thai do exist, but none compares to the king of strains: Maeng-da.

We would like to immerse you in the rich tapestry of red vein kratom, where the essence of Borneo permeates every strain. Discover distinct flavors and potent effects, each strain a testament to Borneo's rich kratom heritage.

Forms of red kratom

Our diverse kratom presentation ranges from traditional powder to compact tablets and discreet capsules. Our powder offers an authentic experience, while our premium kratom tablets provide a condensed yet potent alternative. These tablets are perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts, offering convenience without compromising quality.

For those seeking a mess-free and discreet experience, our kratom capsules are the ideal choice. While tablets and capsules may carry a slightly higher price tag, their convenience, especially during travel, justifies the investment for many customers.

Alkaloid content in red Maeng-da

Alkaloids are naturally occurring compounds found in various plants, and they have a profound impact on human physiology. In the realm of kratom, alkaloids are the driving force behind its potential medicinal benefits.

Specifically, two primary alkaloids play a pivotal role in kratom's effects: mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids were first identified in the early 20th century, and extensive research led scientists to conclude that mitragynine is the most likely alkaloid responsible for kratom's uplifting effects. On the other hand, 7-hydroxymitragynine is believed to induce feelings of calm and relaxation.

It is interesting, that there are approximately 25 different alkaloids present in the chemical composition of red kratom. Many of them however are trace amounts and may not have noticeable effects.