THC-B cartridge

Welcome to our THC-B cartridge category, where quality meets convenience. For lovers of simplicity and practicality, we bring top cartridges containing a high concentration of THC-B. These cartridges are designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency in use.



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19 €

The Bubble Gum replacement cartridge offers a unique experience that combines the scent of sweet gum with 1 ml of our high-quality THC-B extract. The original aroma of Bubble...

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19 €

We bring you an intense sensory experience with our replacement cartridge with Chocolate Waffle flavor. This perfect combination of sweet chocolate aroma and buttery aroma,...

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19 €

Immerse yourself in an intense sensory experience with our Mocca Coffee flavored replacement cartridge. This harmonious combination of distinct flavors of coffee and chocolate,...

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