What is H4CBD and what are its effects?

Are you interested in how the cannabinoid market is doing at the same time and what new things it brings us? A new kind of synthetic cannabinoid has been developed as a better and more potent version of the classic CBD that we are all familiar with. Have you heard of it? So how does this 'improved' version of CBD work and what is it all about?

CBD on steroids

H4CBD, or Hexahydrocannabidiol, is a synthetic cannabinoid that is a recent addition to the cannabinoid market. This new cannabinoid has a higher bioavailability, meaning that it is better absorbed into the body and thus acts faster and with greater potency than conventional CBD products.

Chemically, the cannabinoid H4CBD is formed by adding four hydrogen atoms (H4) to the CBD molecule. This is a process called hydrogenation. For the record, this process, i.e. the hydrogenation of vegetable oil, also produces margarine.


We have already pointed out that the fundamental difference between these substances is the chemical structure and also the method of production, and this also results in different effects. The main difference is that CBD is a purely natural cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant, whereas H4CBD is a synthetic cannabinoid.

The addition of hydrogen atoms increases the affinity for the brain's CB1 receptors, and some studies have reported that H4CBD has up to 100 times stronger effects than regular CBD. These receptors are found in the brain, but also in the nervous system and other parts. But what is crucial is that they play a key role in various physiological processes such as mood, memory, pain or appetite.

Effects of H4CBD

H4CBD is a relatively new cannabinoid and therefore research is still ongoing. This type of cannabinoid is considered to be unknown, unlike its progenitor CBD, for which more effects are already supported by studies. However, it is known from user experience that H4CBD is similar to CBD, but its effects are much stronger due to the fact that users have also experienced psychoactive effects. This makes the new cannabinoid comparable to the more familiar HHC.

The main effects of H4CBD include:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties: studies have shown that H4CBD can be effective for reducing inflammation in the body while speeding up healing. This can help with a number of health ailments, and this better version of CBD could raise a lot of health potential for various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and more.

  • Pain Relief: similar to CBD, H4CBD can also contribute to pain relief and be a huge benefit for people suffering from chronic pain.

  • Help with stress and anxiety: Most cannabinoids have the potential to support mental health, and the same can be said for H4CBD. Since this substance can also help us reduce anxiety and stress, this could have positive implications for people suffering from various mental health issues.

  • Euphoria and relaxation: Users of the cannabinoid H4CBD have reported that the state they experience after ingestion can be likened to a higher dose of CBD. In addition, a feeling of euphoria and relaxation can occur.

Of course, as with other cannabinoids, the effects of H4CBD are individual and may vary depending on health status or tolerance. Dosage is also important and not to be underestimated, H4CBD is still under research, so approach this substance with caution.

Is H4CBD safe?

It is generally known that a lot of modification would be required to make a synthetic cannabinoid dangerous, and hydrogenation can be considered one of the simplest chemical modifications. H4CBD is therefore unlikely to be dangerous. However, it is not appropriate to draw any firm conclusions and it is necessary in this case to await more studies to substantiate this safety issue.

Legality and availability of H4CBD

The legality of both synthetic and natural cannabinoids is currently a matter of great controversy. Currently, H4CBD is not on the list of addictive substances. This means that for the time being it is a completely legal substance in terms of Czech law.

CBD is currently one of the most available cannabinoids. As far as H4CBD is concerned, the demand for this better version of CBD is growing rapidly. As a consequence, the supply of H4CBD products is growing as well, so there is always something to look forward to.