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Cannabigerol Isolate - 99% CBG, Powder

99% Cannabigerol isolate, CBG powder.
If you work with a new CBG, then the CBG powder insulation is ideal for you.

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Category: CBG
Cannabigerol izolátum - 99% CBG, por

Benefits of CBG Isolates:

CBG is referred to as the stem cell or the mother of cannabinoids. It offers extensive benefits. This non-toxic compound can regulate and improve mood. Its role in solving many other diseases is currently under investigation.


Some properties of CBG isolate are:

According to Act No. 146/2002 Coll., Section 5, Section 5. Diseases or cure them completely and do not refer to these properties either.


Cannabigerol Isolate - 99% CBG powder can be added to food alone on a spoon or you can mix it with oil and make your own CBG oil and use as needed whichever suits you best.



Country of origin: Netherlands