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HHC Glovape Jack Herer 700mg

Enter the world of the dazzling Jack Herer flavored disposable GloVape, which contains a whopping 700mg of HHC. This cannabis hit has become a cult favorite, and rightfully so. Its stunning blend of earthy and woody flavors with a subtle hint of pine will leave you completely mesmerized. Get ready for your mood to soar, your energy to revive and your creative mind to be boosted. What's more, this product can be your ally in alleviating anxiety, stress, and depression, and will even support your appetite.

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60 € –76 %

Disposable GloVape

Enter the world of the vibrant Jack Herer-flavoured disposable GloVape with an incredible 700mg of HHC. This phenomenal cannabis creation has gained a cult following among cannabis lovers. Its sensory-impacting combination of earthy the woody aroma, complemented by a light hint of refreshing pine, will enchant every particle. Get ready for an exciting adventure, as this unique product will not only lift you into a good mood but also energize you and stimulate your creative imagination.

What's more, GloVape can be your companion in reducing anxiety, stress, and depression, and even help you regain your appetite. No matter if you're going to an unforgettable party with your best friends, a dance party at the hottest club, or an exciting festival full of music and joy, this vaporizer will impress you not only with its amazing efficiency but also with its unique performance and stunning design.

It should be emphasized that this product is completely THC-free, which means you can enjoy its beneficial effects without worrying about unwanted psychoactive effects.

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BG Avatar of author Bartal Gyuri 03/02/2024 21:45
Sajnos vegyes kritikám van e termékről. Első sorban, elég jó hatású, finom izű. Világit mint egy discogömb mikor szivom. Tegnap jött meg a csomagom, vele együtt ez a vape is. Tegnap este volt az első alkalom, hogy szivtam belole. Ma megakartam probalni szivni, se nem vilagit, se nem jon fust. Majdnem 40€ ez a termek es csak egyszer tudtam belole szivni? Toltot nem kaptam hozza, nincs is bemenetel rajta. Valaszokat kerek koszonom!!