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HHC-P Vape pen Super lemon haze 1ml

This HHC-P Vape pen with a refreshing Super lemon haze scent is the perfect choice for those who crave a relaxing and soothing experience. Containing 85% H4CBD, 10% HHC-P and 5% terpenes, this vape pen delivers a pleasant and refreshing citrus scent that will delight your senses. The ideal accessory for those looking for moments of rest and peace after a hard day.

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Super lemon haze will enchant you

This HHC-P Vape pen with the refreshing scent of Super lemon haze is like a refreshing breeze for your senses, blowing you into a world of peace and relaxation. We have several similar products in our offer. We recommend you to take a look at other HHC-P products.

Main features:

  • Contents: 1 ml
  • Composition: H4CBD 85%, HHC-P 10%, terpenes 5%
  • Scent: Super lemon haz
  • Effects: Relaxing, relaxing


  • Discreet and convenient to use
  • Long battery life


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • If you have any health problems, consult your doctor before use.
  • Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

This is a CCELL cartridge.


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