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HHC Pen Serpent maze 94% HHC 1 ml

The Serpent Maze vaping pen combines a load of 94% HHC and 6% cannabis terpenes straight from the California region of the USA. This exceptional product offers a rich fruity aroma with distinct notes of strawberries, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and well-being.

We emphasize that Serpent Maze is completely THC-free, ensuring carefree enjoyment.

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Serpent maze HHC pero
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Serpent maze: California sun

Serpent Maze HHC vape flavor contains 94% HHC and 6% cannabis terpenes directly from the California region. This unique flavor was created to bring you pleasurable sensations, accompanied by a physical relaxation effect. This is a high quality vaping pen, designed for your everyday well-being and relaxation.

THC free!

Some users compare HHC to THC. However, HHC is 100% legal and you can safely enjoy it, whether for its beneficial or other great properties. Our exceptional vaping pen is here for you!

Completely safe production

We use HHC extract obtained from the hydrogenation of high quality CBD. We guarantee that our products are free from fully synthetic and chemical additives that could interfere with your health. The hydrogenation process, standardized in the food industry when producing fats, allows us to provide a superior HHC extract.

And don't forget to purchase a replacement HHC cartridge for continued convenience!


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