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HHC Pen BEAST Runtz Live Resin 1ml

The new premium line of disposable HHC vape pens you haven't had before! It is unique due to all-ceramic heating. Exclusive design, high-quality workmanship, all this with the BEAST Runtz Live Resin HHC vape pen. With their great flavor. So don't hesitate and try our new hit!

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About Runtz Terpene

  • Runtz is a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato and a member of the very popular Cookies family. It is best known for its fruity scent underlined by earthy notes and effects that will make you enjoy it all day long.
  • Terpene aroma: A very intense mix of sweet fruit with an earthy touch
  • Terpene Type: Hybrid
  • Terpene Effects: Euphoric, uplifted, happy

Filling composition: 94% hexahydrocannabinol distillate, 6% natural terpenes

Cartridge volume: 1ml

Package contents: 1x disposable vape pen, 1x Micro USB charger

Battery: 400mAh capacity, can be recharged via Micro-USB


The product is sold only and only as advertising, tourist, or collector's souvenir.

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M Avatar of author 11/05/2023 16:17
Sziasztok ezt a 1ml fajta wape után tölthető?
D Avatar of author 14/09/2023 11:13
Jó napot, ez egy 1ml-es gőzölő toll, amit ha elfogy, kidob.