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HHC Honey 1000 mg

Irresistible delicious Czech honey enriched with 1000 mg of HHC is guaranteed to attract your attention. This honey contains exceptional quality, which smaller Czech beekeepers carefully guard as their treasure. Immerse yourself in a world of unique flavors and enjoy the sweet treasures that this honey holds.

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HHC honey

This quality honey, whose natural sweetness is delicately balanced, is one of the best carriers of HHC for the human body. Its simple sugars allow for optimal absorption, and if the correct production process is followed, there is a perfect symbiosis between the two substances that the human body can make full use of.

This miracle honey comes from small Czech beekeeping farms where the quality of the honey is paramount. Their passion and care guarantee the highest standards, which are embedded in every sweet drop of this honey treasure.

One teaspoon of this honey contains approximately 15 mg of HHC, which means that in one 350 g package, you will find more than 68 delicious teaspoons of honey.


Recommended dosage: For external use only!

Warning: Under 18. The minimum shelf life is until the date stated on the packaging.

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