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HHC Pen disPOD Amnesia Haze 500 mg

Get your dose of happiness with our Amnesia Haze flavoured disPOD containing 500 mg of HHC. THC-free and with a delicious sweet citrus flavour. Improves mood, reduces stress, and stimulates appetite.

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disPod Amnezia
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DisPOD Amnesia

We offer a discreet and simple way to relax with an Amnesia Haze flavored vaporizer and 500 mg of HHC, suitable for both beginners and advanced HHC users. Our disposable HHC dispensers are designed for vaping that has less vapor and most importantly improves taste, and mood and reduces stress. Let's take a closer look at this disPOD!

What is a disPOD? 

Dispod is the name for a vaporization device that is equipped with disposable cartridges containing HHC and natural terpenes.

A natural blend with enhanced benefits

  • The vaporizer contains 500mg of HHC extract obtained by hydrogenating CBD extract, which is all-natural and safe.
  • Our DisPOD cigarettes are made with high quality and contain a higher ratio of hexadicannabinol isomers than most HHC extracts on the market. Terpenes such as Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Beta-Ocimene, Myrcene, Beta-Pinene, D-Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, D-3 Carene, D-Alpha-Pinene, and Linalool are added to the blend to improve mood, reduce stress and stimulate appetite.
  • The refill does not contain diluent solutions and the battery is easily recharged via Micro-USB. 

It is important to comply with laws regarding the sale of tobacco products and e-cigarettes and to keep products out of the reach of children, pregnant and nursing women, active drivers, or people working in heavy industries.

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