A Quick Primer on Saffron

You've probably seen saffron in your local grocery store and been curious about this strange little spice. Saffron is a spice made from the stigmas of the saffron crocus, a flower that originated in Greece. Saffron is prized for its unique flavor and aroma, as well as its beautiful yellow color. It's no wonder that saffron is often called "red gold"! In this blog post, we'll give you a quick overview of this amazing spice, including its history, uses, and cost.


History of Saffron 

Saffron has been used for centuries in both cooking and medicine. The earliest known use of saffron dates back to Minoan Crete, where it was used as a dye and perfume. In ancient Persia, saffron was used to flavor food and make perfume. Saffron was also used as a medicine by both the Greeks and the Romans. The Romans believed that saffron had multiple medicinal properties, including the ability to relieve flatulence!

Uses for Saffron 

These days, saffron is most commonly used as a culinary ingredient

It can be used to:

  • flavor soups
  • stews
  • rice dishes and more

A little goes a long way with this spice, so don't be afraid to experiment! Just a pinch of saffron will add a beautiful yellow color and unique flavor to any dish.

Cost of Saffron 

Now that you know a little bit more about this amazing spice, you're probably wondering how much it costs. Saffron price is one of the most expensive spices in the world, with good reason! The delicate stigmas must be hand-picked from the flower, which makes harvesting saffron very labor-intensive. One pound of good-quality saffron can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000



Where to buy saffron? 

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about saffron! This versatile spice has a long history and many uses beyond just flavoring food. Next time you see saffron in your local grocery store, pick some up and experiment with it in your cooking! Who knows—you might just fall in love with this red gold. Do you wanna try a very good saffron right now? You can buy saffron on Kratomit.eu! We believe that you will fall in love with this amazing spice. Enjoy! 


Adéla, Kratomit