Krating Daeng (Red Bull) or an energetic miracle from Thailand

Did you know that the refreshing drink Red Bull, which is said to give wings and refresh the body and mind, comes from Thailand?

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History of the Red Bull drink

On October 22, 2022, its founder Dietrich Mateschitz (†78), who was born in Austria and worked as a sales representative for a company that sells toothpaste, left us. During his business trips to Southeast Asia, he discovered an energy drink that helped him overcome jet lag. After discovering this magical product, he started importing it to Europe and changed the Thai name "Krating Daeng" to the more sonorous name "Red Bull". Krating Daeng and the increasingly popular kratom, which you can also find on our e-shop, are different products, but they have a similar name and the country of origin in both cases is Southeast Asia. The founder of Red Bull and the founder of Kratomite came from Europe and thanks to work and personal activities, they were and are passionate travelers who like to learn about foreign cultures, countries and products that nature offers us.

Where can we meet the brand today?

Dietrich Mateschitz owned 49% of the company, the other 49% was owned by his business partner, who is from Thailand, and 2% by a Thai grandson. The company sells its products all over the world and in the last year they sold around 10,000,000,000 cans of energy drink Red Bull or Krating Daeng. Dietrich Mateschitz invested a lot of effort and money in supporting the sports and development activities that we now know under the wings of the Red Bull company:

  • Cultural sponsoring – support of theatre, museum, galleries, ballet and dance, support
    music events, dance events, cultural events and festivals
  • Professional sponsoring – support of business and professional growth
  • Ecological sponsoring – support of projects focused on environmental protection
  • Sports sponsoring – support of athletes, sports teams, sports events
    and exhibitions
  • Social sponsoring – support for the protection and repair of monuments, education, development and
    local regional community support
  • Social sponsoring – support of social and civic organizations
  • Media sponsorship – support of programs and sessions

Among the biggest sporting events represented by Red Bull are the following sectors: Formula 1, MotogGP, Motocross, bicycle racing and many others.

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