Journey to Borneo: Kratom expedition

Are you wondering how and where the kratom tree grows and what all needs to be done to turn kratom into kratom powder? Adam, the owner of Kratomit, decided to do all this, and a few weeks ago he flew to Indonesia not only to see the beauty of Borneo but also to learn and experience how demanding the kratom processing process really is. I found out about these incredible experiences from the wilderness and with the local residents from Adam and wrote them down in this article. Wondering how it all went down? Continue reading!

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How was the trip to Borneo?

Since the island of Borneo is located on one of the 17 thousand islands of Indonesia and belongs not only to Indonesia, but also to Malaysia and Brunei, the journey there was really tiring and long. Borneo is located in Southeast Asia and is the third largest island in the world. Adam's journey from the Czech Republic to Borneo took around 50 hours. After arriving in Borneo, Adam and his companion met the local chief, where they both slept and the next day they went to the center of Borneo, where it all began.

What did the whole expedition entail?

The entire expedition lasted a week and passed around 30 to 40 collection points throughout the island. What was the goal of the whole expedition? Of course, to know the different types of kratom and ensure the cultivation and subsequent shipment to the warehouse of Kratom, so that all customers are as satisfied as possible and have the best quality kratom.

What do we know about kratom?

Since Adam has been studying kratom for over 5 years, he already knows something about kratom. But he learned a lot of new interesting information in Borneo, which we are now going to share with you!


Interesting things from Borneo:

  • The Best Kratom - Together with the locals, Adam discovered the best kratom (they believe the best). Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the location in the article, but you will definitely be able to buy this kratom on Kratomit soon! Kratom collectors are sure to love it.
  • Kratom Height - As you probably know, kratom is a tree that grows to an incredible height of 30 meters! The locals are used to climbing such tall trees with bare feet, and Adam was there and wasn't afraid to climb one such tree. How did he do it? He didn't fall from the tree and he was quite good at climbing.
  • Age of Kratom - There are several varieties of Kratom and each kratom leaf is truly unique. If the kratom leaf is thicker than normal, it is a very old kratom.

What shocking thing did Adam experience in Borneo?

In addition to the fact that Adam and his companion had lived in a small village separated from the world all this time, their way of life and their way of living was also completely new to him. After all, Borneo is not Europe. But all this does not mean that they do not go with the times. The people of Borneo have Wi-Fi connections and even smartphones. But in some ways, Adam was shocked by Borneo. There is not a single proper hospital on the island yet, so everyone always has to travel to another city in Indonesia. The village has two schools, which were created mainly due to the export of kratom to other countries of the world, such as the Czech Republic and Kratomit! So, most of the population lives mainly by growing kratom and then by fishing and growing rice. The most unusual and unusual experience for Adam was how they used the toilet and bathroom. The water in Borneo is used from the river, so it's not completely clean and the toilet doesn't even look like ours. For a person from Europe or another developed country, it can be quite a culture shock.

Czechs x inhabitants of Borneo

To the locals, a tourist is more or less like a celebrity. Tourists don't come here very often, most people saw a European for the first time in their life! The last time a Canadian visited the village was more than 6 years ago. What main difference did Adam observe between the local inhabitants of Borneo and the people from the Czech Republic? People in Borneo and not only there, but also in the whole of Indonesia are very smiling and positive, no matter what happens. You will rarely come across someone who frowns or is unpleasant. This is all because of the lifestyle they live. They don't live under stress and don't rush anywhere, they literally enjoy the moments of life and live in the present. Another difference is education. Because they are separated from developed countries, education is less here than anywhere else in the world. Almost no one knows English or another foreign language. Adam mostly communicated both through a translator and with various gestures and always agreed with the locals.

What did the trip to Borneo give Adam?

From trying his hand at being a farmer and growing kratom to local cuisine and discovering new varieties of kratom, Adam mostly took away unforgettable experiences that not everyone gets to experience. What does this expedition mean to you as Kratomit customers and kratom collectors? Of course the best kratom straight from Borneo! Since Adam in Borneo arranged the shipment of the best kratom to us in the Czech Republic and had the honor of finally meeting his business partner in person, you really have something to look forward to!


Are you interested in a trip to Borneo? Don't forget to buy the best quality kratom that comes from Borneo. Adam will surely return to Borneo for kratom sometime, how about you? Do you also dare to go to Borneo?


Adela, Kratomit