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BrainMax Testamento 120 capsules

Testamento returns in a new guise, now with a higher proportion of zinc and vitamin D. This improved dietary supplement is based on research that has repeatedly confirmed their positive effect on maintaining normal levels in men (zinc1, ashwaganda2) and hormonal balance in women (zinc3). Unfortunately, regulations prevent us from sharing the specific benefits of these ingredients.

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Vital Synergy: The New Testamento is here

Testamento is back with a new look, and we're excited to boost the zinc and vitamin D content! This improved dietary supplement is composed of substances that have been repeatedly shown in recent studies to be effective in maintaining normal levels of male hormones (zinc1, ashwaganda2) and hormonal balance in women (zinc3). Unfortunately, current regulations prevent us from stating the direct effects of individual ingredients.

The composition of Testament supports the harmonization of hormones in both men and women. Ashwagandha, broccoli and nettle extract, maca, zinc and vitamin D act synergistically and have proven effects.

It is suitable for everyone who wants to:

  • Increase the level of male hormones (thanks to zinc1, maca peruvian3)
  • Support progesterone levels in women (thanks to maca peruvian3)
  • Improve libido (thanks to ashwagandha2, maca peruvian3)
  • Boost training results (thanks to ashwagandha2)
  • Increase energy levels (thanks to maca peruvian3, ashwagandha2)
  • Reduce excess estrogen in both men and women (thanks to zinc1, ashwagandha2, maca peruvian3)
  • Optimize hormonal balance in men and women (thanks to zinc1, ashwagandha2, maca peruvian3)

Recommended dosage:

On non-training days, take 4 capsules at once in the morning with food. On training days, take 4 capsules before exercise. If you combine with Dagger, it is recommended to take Testamento either in the morning with food or in the evening with dinner before going to bed, while Dagger should always be taken before training.


Pomegranate extract, Bio ashwagandha, Nettle root extract 1:10, Maca extract 1:10, Oyster extract, Zinc bisglycinate, Vitamin D3, Broccoli extract, Carnitine tartrate, Black pepper extract.

Anti-caking agents: silicate, calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate.


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