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Kratom is becoming increasingly popular in Paris and throughout France. Its growing popularity is not just a passing trend. This highlights its interesting properties and wide range of applications. We are proud to offer the best selection of kratom products.

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Fast and cheap delivery to Paris

We at Kratomit are proud to offer our customers in Paris and throughout France fast delivery of our great natural products, including kratom. Our delivery service is first class, so you can expect your order to arrive as soon as possible.

  • The advantage is that the delivery time to France is often less than just 48 hours.
  • This means you will receive most orders within two days of dispatch.
  • Sometimes it even happens that products arrive the very next day.
  • We want you to receive your products as soon as possible because we know how important they are to many of you.

Whether in the French capital of Paris, historic Bordeaux, dynamic Marseille, picturesque Lyon, charming Toulouse or anywhere else in this fascinating country, you don't have to wait long for your dream products!

We care about kratom sales and imports across the EU. Because we like it too. For fast and safe delivery, we work with reputable courier services such as DHL, who have many years of experience in delivering parcels. Thanks to them, we can guarantee that your order will be delivered safely and on time directly to your home.

Kratom products we offer:

We have an extraordinarily wide selection of products for you. Even after looking at dozens or hundreds of similar stores in Europe, we seem to have the most diverse offer.

We don't just have 10 kinds of green kratom and 10 kinds of white kratom, as some do. That is, of course, just a marketing gimmick. We offer top products that we have developed ourselves. See for yourself.

Each product is carefully formulated to guarantee you the highest potency and purity.

Kratom tee

Kratom powder

Kratom powder is the foundation. It is the alpha and omega of kratom products. It is highly regarded for its rich variety and unique properties. Whether you are drawn to the stimulating effects of Maeng Da or prefer the soothing aura of Bali, our powders are sure to be appreciated by all who value this traditional form of kratom consumption.

Kratom capsules

Enjoy the simplicity and precision of our kratom capsules. These capsules are pre-dosed for convenience. They offer an easy way to enjoy kratom and ensure you get exactly the right dose every time. They are also convenient for travel and the like.

Kratom tablets

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of our kratom tablets. We prepare these tablets ourselves with an extra strong press. They are easy to use and offer a simple way to incorporate kratom into your daily routine, with the consistency of each dose being approximately 1g (see product description). Again, a  good choice for travel and the like.

Fruit kratom

And this is one we're particularly proud of. Our own invention - flavoured kratom. Experience the amazing combination of kratom and natural fruit with our Fruit Kratom range. These products are the perfect blend for anyone who enjoys the sweet flavor of kratom. They are as tasty as they are effective. Plus, the flavoring we use is of course high quality, but also sugar-free so you can enjoy kratom even while dieting.

Kratom edibles

We are proud to be one of the first, if not the first, manufacturer and retailer of this absolutely amazing form of kratom products. Be seduced by our range of kratom candies, where the goodness of kratom meets the indulgence of gourmet treats. Kratom candies are a tasty alternative to traditional forms. They promise flavour and power in every bite.

Kratom leaves

We now offer kratom in the form of crushed leaves. This product is really a rarity as most shops concentrate on kratom powder or tablets etc. And for good reasons. For the true gourmands and especially for tea lovers, we have also prepared crushed leaves which are sent to us in this state by our colleagues in Borneo. 

The popularity of these products in Paris

Kratom is increasingly popular in Paris, throughout France and Europe. Known for its stimulating and relaxing effects, this plant has become a symbol of a modern approach to health and well-being.

People order it from online stores that offer a wide range of different types and forms, from powders to extracts.

The growing interest is a sign of the trend towards finding natural alternatives to traditional health care and the desire to improve personal performance and quality of life. This phenomenon shows that Kratom has found a firm place in the lives of many people in Europe.

Why order from us?

Who chooses Kratomit, chooses quality, purity and excellence. This choice also signifies an appreciation of tradition. Kratomit is a pioneer in the online sale of these unique products, not only in the Czech Republic, where we are based, but throughout Europe. 

We have been here since 2016! Time really flies... Learn more about our values and history on our About us page

Important reasons include the following:

  • We offer a wide range of kratom products for every taste and need, so you can find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Our commitment to high quality is unwavering and our customer loyalty is unsurpassed.
  • When you shop with us, you're not just getting kratom, you're embarking on a journey to natural health and exceptional customer service.

In the heart of Paris, Kratomit brightens the streets with its generous distribution of smiles, light and joy in the lives of those who walk through the city with it. This is an invitation for you to discover our offer, experience the magic of kratom and join the many people in Paris who have already discovered the unique properties and natural benefits of this exceptional plant product.