10 surprising facts about THCP-O that you didn't know

THCP-O (Tetrahydrocannabiforol-O acetate) is a new cannabinoid derived from THCP by obtaining the OH group by acetylation. It has a similar structure to the better-known cannabinoid THC, which is found naturally in the cannabis plant. But what makes THCP-O different from other cannabinoids and what is unique about it?

1. The effects of THCP-O are up to 33 times stronger than THC

We can get a bit fancy and imagine that THCP-O can look like THC on steroids to us. This can give us a much more intense experience. Some user experiences say that even small doses of this Super THC can cause very strong effects. This makes it very interesting for people looking for a more powerful experience than other cannabinoids.

However, it is important to remember that everyone is an individual and everyone has a different tolerance which is reflected in the effects and their intensity.

2. Faster onset of effects

Thanks to its chemical treatment, the onset of action is much shorter. With THC, it can take up to an hour before you feel its full effect, while THCP-O can take effect in as little as 15 minutes.

3. Long-lasting effects

Users describe their experience with THCP-O as an intense but long-lasting experience. The method of use in particular will determine both the onset and duration of the effects. With inhalation or smoking and vaporisation the onset is faster and the effects can last for several hours. Most users report that the psychoactive effects can last 4-6 hours or longer, but the feeling of relaxation and euphoria can last even longer. With edibles, the onset may be longer, but the effects can last up to 6-8 hours or more.

4. Research adventures and fun unknowns

It is important to note that THCP-O is just beginning to be explored. One could say that it is exploring uncharted ground in the field of cannabis. We are still at the beginning of its scientific story, so it's a bit like playing with fire. You have to be careful when using it and remember to be safe. Studies on the long-term effects of THCP-O are just beginning, so it is advised to approach this superfood with discretion.

It is a new and fairly unknown substance, which makes THCP-O a mysterious element for those who like to explore new experiences. Taking THCP-O while exploring its effects can be seen as an adventurous journey into the unknown, where each experience can have its own magic and be unique.

5. Synthetic magic

Like other cannabinoids, THCP-O is found in nature in some measure. However, in the cannabis plant it is found in really small amounts. Because of this, it is a product of science and laboratory magic, which makes it unique. THCP-O, as already mentioned, is formed by acetylation of the OH group. Translated, this means that it is a chemical variant of THCP, which is derived from the more well-known cannabinoid THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis.

 6. Potential for medicine

Some scientists believe that THCP-O could have tremendous therapeutic potential that can help treat a variety of health problems. For example, it could be a treatment for neurological disorders. However, further studies are needed to confirm these hypotheses. However, based on the experience of users, THCP-O has intense relaxing effects that can alleviate pain.

7. The future in food

Interest in this fascinating substance is growing at a rapid pace. Therefore, it is possible that THCP-O may appear in some food and drink in the future, like other cannabinoids. It is therefore a question and a surprise whether and how THCP-O will bring us news in the field of cannabis gastronomy.

8. Negative test?

What may be a positive and unproblematic benefit is that a conventional drug test will not detect THCP-O. THCP-O is similar to THC, but contains a different substance, so the test is not designed for this type of substance and therefore the test will come out negative.

9. Unique experiences

It has already been mentioned that THC and THCP-O have differences in their chemical composition, effects and, above all, experiences. The use of THCP-O can give us a completely different experience than just regular THC. Users describe much more intense visual and auditory sensations, which can diversify and enrich existing experiences and bring us into a new dimension of perception.

10. Higher positive effects = higher risk of greater effects

As already shown, THCP-O is a potent substance that increases the intensity of effects. However, in excessive amounts, more intense side effects may be encountered. THCP-O can take even ordinary cannabis users by surprise, so caution must be taken, especially with beginners.

Therefore, we will conclude with the recommendation to start with THCP-O in smaller doses, to be cautious when using it and to avoid side effects as much as possible.