What is HHCPO and what are its effects?

HHCP-O or Hexahydrocannabiforol-O acetate is a chemically modified form of the cannabinoid HHCP. It belongs to the family of synthetic cannabinoids, which means that it does not occur naturally in nature, but needs to be produced through laboratory procedures.

HHCP-O is therefore derived from HHCP, the basis of which is the well-known HHC, which is based on CBD molecules. HHCP-O was then formed by acetylation and this may affect how the substance is absorbed and metabolised in the body. It can increase its stability but also, and most importantly, its potency.

What are the effects of HHCP-O?

With HHCP-O we can see both psychoactive effects and therapeutic effects as with most cannabinoids. However, as already mentioned, they differ in potency and therefore have stronger effects.

Due to the chemical composition, it is thought that HHCP-O may have stronger psychoactive effects than HHCP and regular THC. Among these effects we can imagine more intense euphoria, relaxation and altered perception of time and space.

While most cannabinoids provide therapeutic effects, HHCP-O may be more intensely felt. It can help us with pain and provide us with relief and acts as a prevention against the formation of inflammation in the body.

Interestingly, HHCP-O has similar effects to some anxiolytics, which are drugs prescribed for anxiety. Thus, it helps to minimize both stress and anxiety. Other effects include relaxation, which can help us get better quality sleep, precisely because of its calming effects. It stimulates the body and helps to release muscle tension, making it faster to fall asleep. However, care must be taken with the amount of doses, as it has the opposite effect when taken in excess. Therefore, as with other cannabinoids, it is necessary to start with smaller doses.

HHCP-O is a relatively new cannabinoid and there is not as much research on its effects and long-term effects. Therefore, the effects mentioned are derived from the experience of the users themselves.

Are there side effects?

Side effects are mostly similar for cannabinoids, but differ most in the intensity and potency of the substance. The most common side effects include red eyes, dry mouth and increased appetite. Hallucinations and paranoia can be experienced in excessive amounts, so users should be careful with dosage. It is best to avoid excessive amounts to avoid as many side effects as possible.

Dosage of HHCP-O

Dosage for all cannabinoids is important and can be crucial, both for the positive effects and the undesirable ones. Therefore, caution in dosing should be emphasized. Especially if you are a beginner, it is always best to start with a smaller dose. Every organism reacts differently and everyone has a different tolerance, so we have to adjust the dosage accordingly.

HHCP-O products

The availability and use of HHCP-O is varied and we can find many alternatives on the market. The most popular products with HHCP-O is the disposable vaporizer or the vaporizer with flavor refill and recharge option, which is more preferred by most users. Another option is cannabis flowers that are infused with HHCP-O extract. With all of these types, there is the option of different flavors that can be refreshing effects.

To conclude and summarise, HHCP-O is the new version of HHCP. It has stronger and longer lasting effects than the aforementioned HHCP due to acetylation, which improves the efficiency of the basic functions. It is possible that long-term use of HHCP-O will create a higher tolerance to other cannabinoids. However, due to limited research, it is important to approach its use with caution.