What is HHC-P edibles?

HHCP, or Hexahydrocannabinol-Cyclopropyl, is a synthetic cannabinoid derived from HHC, which has its origins in THC. As is already known, THC is found in cannabis itself, HHCP is not. HHCP must be synthesized in combination with a laboratory. The composition of HHCP itself is therefore different from both THC and HHC. HHCP is created by adding a cyclopropyl group in order to increase the binding affinity of the cannabinoid to the receptors, which could result in stronger effects.

Effects of HHCP

Psychoactive, physical and cognitive effects can be encountered with the use of HHCP. The main psychoactive effects include euphoria, similar to THC. HHCP can also have calming effects that can help with relaxation and stress reduction. Altered perception can also be encountered with cannabinoids, where changes in perception of time, space and sensory perception can occur.

As mentioned, HHCP can also give us physical effects, such as pain relief. Most cannabinoids are so-called analgesics, which can numb pain. It is possible to experience an increased appetite when taking it, similar to THC.

Cognitive effects refer to changes in thinking and concentration, for example. It can deepen our thinking, but conversely bring more difficulty in performing tasks, where concentration may decrease or increase. As everyone is an individual, the effects may be different for everyone.

HHC-P Cookies

HHC-P Cookies are cookies containing 10 mg of HHC-P per packet. They are made from the highest quality ingredients and according to the original recipe. These cookies are a very popular alternative to taking HHCP, thanks to which you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and an unforgettable experience full of joy and fun. You will enjoy both the experience and the taste!

Are there side effects?

The most common effects with regular use include memory problems. HHCP may temporarily affect short-term memory, but not long-term memory. We may also experience as with most cannabinoids red eyes, dry mouth sensation. It is important to note that the specific effects and intensity are individual and can vary, e.g. according to weight, tolerance and above all dosage. It is important to point out the limited research on HHCP, users should therefore be cautious and start with smaller doses and thus avoid possible side effects.

What is the difference between HHCP and HHC?

HHC has the basic structure of THC, but hydrogen atoms have been added. It is therefore a hydrogenated derivative of THC. HHCP, on the other hand, is derived from HHC, to which an extra cyclopropyl group (a small three-membered carbon ring) has been added to change the chemical structure and increase potency.

HHC can be compared to THC and has similar effects. In the experience of users, the effects tend to be milder and less intense than THC. HHCP has stronger effects due to the addition of a cyclopropyl group which may increase binding affinity to CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are the main types of cannabinoid receptors in our body, playing a key role in regulating various physiological processes. among which are mood, appetite and pain. It's important to note that we can achieve more intense effects with HHCP, but they can also be more intense as well.

Thus, HHC can be defined as THC with milder psychoactive effects, while HHCP derived from HHC has more intense and potent effects than HHC. In terms of research, HHCP is newer and therefore less researched than the aforementioned HHC, which is also new, but there is more research. However, it is important to approach both cannabinoids with caution.

HHCP products and their popularity

There are many forms of products on the market that contain HHCP. The most popular are currently edible products such as gummy candies and especially cookies. These products have the advantage of having a longer onset of action, which can lead to a moment of surprise and a smooth onset of action, but more importantly, they can achieve more lasting effects than other products.

HHC-P jelly

HHC-P jelly containing 100 mg of high quality HHCP hemp extract offer an option for quick and discreet use. The high taste may be particularly interesting for those who do not like the direct taste of cannabis. HHCP gummies flavored with blue mango or cherry can be a great enhancement to your Friday night, bringing you good mood coupled with relaxation and amazing taste!