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HHC Jelly 25mg - blue mango jelly

These delicious candies, enriched with 25 mg of HHC and with an exotic mango flavor, are an unforgettable experience for your taste buds. Their full and intense taste will transport you directly to tropical regions, where you can let yourself be carried away by the aroma of mangoes.

Importantly, these candies are completely THC-free.

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Exotic charge of HHC

Enjoy an exotic explosion of flavors with our unique sweet mango flavored jelly candies, lovingly created in our own confectionery workshop. Not only are these candies a treat for your taste buds, they also offer 25mg of HHC (hexahydrocannabinol).

At the very first moment of tasting, you will hear the melody of the tropics, because the taste and aroma of these candies will remind you of a ripe and juicy mango. Each bite melts pleasantly in the mouth, releasing subtle notes of sweetness and refreshing exotic fruit.

Our candies are made with care and quality in mind. Each pack contains an enticing 25mg of HHC that can invigorate your senses and bring you a unique experience.

Importantly, these delicious treats are THC-free, meaning you can indulge in sweet luxury. Enjoy the exotic and treat your taste buds to a vacation in a tropical paradise with our mango candies.

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